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These success stories will help you learn how to create safe, economically productive streets in your town.

"How This Strong Towns Member Used a 'Vision Block' to Celebrate Small Bets"

Louisville, Kentucky, residents came together as part of the Bardstown Road Improvement Group to create a “Vision Block”: a one-day event where neighbors showcased the small bets, such as DIY crosswalks, pop-ups shops, and street trees planted in bourbon barrels (a nod to Kentucky’s heritage), that could create a more productive place.

"Strong Block Event Shows What a Successful Street Could Look Like"

Inspired by a Strong Towns presentation, the town of Thunder Bay, Ontario, hosted a “Strong Block” event, in which they modeled what a successful, economically prosperous street might look like in their community.

"Yes, Your Tactical Urbanism Project Can Save Lives, Too."

Following the death of 15-year old resident in Provo, this Strong Towns advocate and his peers at BikeWalk Provo used tactical urbanism to immediately make the street safer. This podcast tells there story. You can also read this related article on the topic.

"The Antidote to Powerlessness? Try Planting Street Trees."

Inspired by Strong Towns, one member in Atlanta, Georgia, got together with her neighbors to plant trees along a busy street, making the areas safer and more welcoming for everyone.

"This Is What We Can Do Together."

Broad Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, was once a neglected street but it has been transformed and revitalized through small bets and incremental improvements to become a thriving district.

"A Town Where Every Child can Walk to School"

In this video, we learn about the town of Lakewood, Ohio, which has prioritized the ability of children to walk to school, saving the town millions of dollars and keeping the community healthier and happier.

"The Bottom-Up Revolution is... Working Together to Make a Street for People"

In Kitchener, Ontario, one business owner partnered with his neighbors to turn an underused downtown street into a pedestrian-friendly community space.

"Slowing the Cars in St. Louis"

A Strong Towns member in St. Louis, Missouri, undertook an impressive tactical urbanism project to help make streets safer. Here's her story.

"How 3 Different Towns are Creating Safer, Slower Streets"

We can all learn from these communities' attempts to turn their downtowns back into places for people, not just cars.


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