3 ways to make places more walkable

Norm Van Eeden Petersman
Norm Van Eeden Petersman
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How do we make places more walkable?

  1. Eliminate parking mandates

    These costly requirements force developers and business owners to provide more parking than is necessary. All this extra pavement pushes destinations further apart, making walking distances longer and more dangerous.
  2. Reform zoning codes to allow for incremental development

    Opening up zoning codes to allow for multi-use development helps place destinations such as dining, corner stores, medical facilities, and more near peoples' homes, making them easier to access with a short walk.
  3. Build (and rebuild) safe streets

    Street design is the primary factor in most traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities. In neighborhoods where destinations are close to one another, streets should be designed to prioritize and accommodate people, with cars being a secondary consideration.

As you can see, creating walkable cities isn't as simple as providing a sidewalk or walking trail. It's about where homes and businesses are built. It's about curb radii, planting trees, incremental development, and so much more.


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