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John Pattison
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"What is a STROAD and Why Does it Matter (Video)"

Stroads are enormously expensive to build and, ultimately, financially unproductive. They're also very dangerous. This video explains the problem with stroads and how to solve it.

"How to Turn a Stroad into a Street (or a Road)"

Stroads are neither fast-moving roads nor productive, safe streets. But if you take these steps, you can turn them into something much better.

"Stroad Nation"

Ferguson, Missouri, is trapped in a cycle of decline, not because of its people or even their poverty, but because it is designed to be that way. Failing suburbs are where the power shifts of our time are concentrating desperation and discontent. Sadly, Ferguson will not be an anomaly.

"Engineers Should Not Design Streets"

Engineers are great at building roads, but we should never ask them to build our streets.

"Not Just Bikes: 'The Stroads to Hell Are Paved with Good Intentions' (Video)"

The popular YouTube channel Not Just Bikes explains why stroads are less productive, less efficient, more expensive to maintain, and more dangerous than streets and roads. It also describes a program in the Netherlands that could inspire communities in the U.S. and Canada to fix all those stroads.

"The True Cost of a Stroad"

Here are five reasons to stop building stroads (street–road hybrids) and start building real community wealth.


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