Stroads - Case Studies and Examples

John Pattison
John Pattison
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"We Can Transform Stroads and Big Box Stores into More Productive Places"

Big box stores are not the enemy; they are the natural byproduct of our suburban development pattern. It's in everyone's best interest to find economically viable ways to make that land more productive.

"Stroad Nation"

Ferguson, Missouri, is trapped in a cycle of decline, not because of its people or even their poverty, but because it is designed to be that way. Failing suburbs are where the power shifts of our time are concentrating desperation and discontent. Sadly, Ferguson will not be an anomaly.

"Here's What *Not* to Do to Your Small-Town Main Street"

How one small town in South Carolina destroyed everything that makes downtowndowntown.

"4 Ways Utah is Dealing with Overly-Wide Streets"

Originally designed to be large enough to turn around a team of oxen, Utah's streets are dangerous and of little value for pedestrians. But that tide is slowly turning.

"The Case Against Urban Corridors that act like High-Speed Highways"

Miami, which consistently ranks near the top of annual lists of the most deadly cities for pedestrians in America, is slow to offer options for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, wheelchair users, and others who do not wish to be beholden the automobile. PlusUrbia is trying to transform a car-dominated stroad back into a historic Main Street.

"The Impact of Stroads in a Suburban Immigrant Community"

Langley Park’s auto-oriented development pattern imposes unneeded costs and burdens upon those who can least afford them.

"Residential Moats: Greater Rochester's Elmwood Avenue"

Wide, fast avenues through residential areas act as moats. They divide residents from jobs, resources, and each other, and harm cities’ prosperity and quality of life. Here’s one example of such a “moat.”

"Building for cars or building for people? 2 streets illustrate this distinct difference."

Two different streets in Fargo, North Dakota, show what happens when a street is created for people, versus a street that's created just for cars.


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