Public Transit - Case Studies and Examples

John Pattison
John Pattison

"Transit Agencies Venture Into Real Estate—But Why Weren't They Already?"

Budget shortfalls are pressuring transit agencies to do what they should’ve been doing all along: put to productive use the land they own around their stations.

"New York Transit Is Facing 'Doomsday' Cuts. Should Non-New Yorkers Bail It Out?"

The future of New York's transit system will be decided by non-New Yorkers. It didn't have to be that way. It doesn’t have to be that way again.

"Will San Francisco's Caltrain Be the Pandemic's Next Casualty?"

In some ways, Caltrain was in a better financial position than other public transit agencies. But the pandemic—and a political turf war—have thrown its future into jeopardy.

"LA's Lost Transit"

For many, Los Angeles embodies car-culture—and the suburban-style development, freeways, traffic jams, and pollution that go with it. But it didn’t have to be that way. Turns out, LA was never designed to be a car city.

"Atlanta's Super Bowl Streetcar"

Why build a downtown transit system if you’re just going to close it at peak demand?

"The Problem with Projections"

If we approached transit from an incremental perspective instead of an all-at-once megaproject perspective, we wouldn’t base our standard of success on ridership numbers.


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