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"How to Host a 'Jane's Walk' in your Community"

Edward Erfurt, Director of Community Action for Strong Towns, hosted this workshop on How to Host a Walking Tour (also referred to as walk audits or "Jane's Walks") at the 2024 Strong Towns National Gathering in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Tuesday, May 14th. This is a very special mini-masters class on how to lead a neighborhood walk in your community. 

"The Ultimate Guide to Creating Walkable Streets"

Why we need them, how to build them, and who’s already getting it done around the country.

"A Good, Long Walk"

A trip to Italy reveals the physical, social, and even cultural benefits of walking. But coming home to the auto-oriented U.S. reveals something too: just how dangerous, difficult, and unpleasant we’ve made things for pedestrians.

"The Myth of Pedestrian Infrastructure in a World of Cars"

Big money “pedestrian” projects are often not for pedestrians at all. Their real purpose is to serve faster car traffic.

"Seeing Your Community With New Eyes Through a 'Walking Audit'"

There’s nothing like taking to the streets on foot to understand the place you live a bit better. In this spirit, the work of Strong Towns helped inform a program of “walking audits” at a Florida university that teaches students to recognize how urban design affects both the financial and ecological sustainability of our cities.

"Anywhere Can Be Somewhere (and Other Walking Lessons)"

When it comes to creating strong neighborhoods, there are some valuable lessons to be had from slowing down the pace and seeking novelty in the ordinary.

"Want Community? Build Walkability"

Our neighborhoods, our cities, and our commitment to each other would improve if more of us lived in places where “bumping into someone on the street” doesn’t involve heavy traffic and a fender bender.

"Why Walkability is Not a Luxury"

Walkable places are vital to health and welfare—and contrary to perceptions, they also reduce household costs.

"A Conversation with Walkability Expert Jeff Speck" (Video & Podcast)

We’re sharing the video and audio from our November 2018 live webcast Q&A with renowned urban planner, walkability expert, and author of Walkable City Rules, Jeff Speck.

"What Makes a Place Walkable"

Walkability is a word urbanists throw around, often with different ideas as to what it really means, or why we care about it. Let’s take a look at how safety, distance, convenience, and comfort affect it.

"Walkable Places Are Growing in Value Almost Everywhere"

New studies confirm people are willing to pay more to live in walkable neighborhoods. So why don’t we build more of them?

"Why Walkable Streets are More Economically Productive"

Three dollars-and-cents arguments that definitively prove the need for people-oriented, walk-friendly places.

"7 Rules for Creating '15-Minute Neighborhoods'"

We hear it everywhere we go: people want, and cherish, the kind of complete neighborhood where you can meet most of your daily needs within a 15-minute walk. What will it take to create more such places in North American cities and towns?

"Striding Toward Walkability? 5 Insights About Walkable Urban Places"

Mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods have enduring appeal, are more financially productive than auto-oriented places…and we still don’t allow nearly enough of them to be built. A new study surveys the landscape of walkability in America’s large metropolitan regions.


10 Reasons Strong Towns Enhance Community Health

A great summary of the health benefits 


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