The Infill & Redevelopment Code Handbook

Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris
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"This handbook provides a comprehensive program for identifying and removing barriers to infill and redevelopment in urban areas. It is organized into three components:

  • Part 1 summarizes the benefits of, and common obstacles to, infill and redevelopment, and provides a range of strategies for addressing those obstacles.
  • Part 2 contains a step-by-step process for reviewing local conditions in your community, and creating an action plan for infill and redevelopment.
  • Part 3 offers sample code language for removing regulatory barriers to infill and redevelopment and improving compatibility between existing and new developments.

The handbook was prepared with the assistance of an advisory committee comprised of architects, developers and city planners. The committee members were interviewed individually and met as a group to provide input on the content and format of the handbook. In addition, the authors interviewed builders, architects and planners who have experience designing, reviewing, and developing infill and redevelopment projects in Oregon. We wanted to find out “what works” in promoting this type of development. For a list of committee members and interviewees, please see the inside of the front cover."


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